60 Days of Joy in Pokhara

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October 26, 2017

60 Days of Joy in Pokhara

October 10, 2017, marked the first sixty days of our hustle and bustle at Haven O’Ganga. These sixty days have passed in total peace. Hustle and bustle and total peace sound a little contradicting, yes? Here’s how it went. No one could guess we were running around with so many chores to be completed. We started welcoming guests and made sure our guests were comfortably placed and their needs we met. We started reaching out to suppliers and agents. We recruited more staff to meet the needs of the growing number of guests. We listed ourselves on booking sites like tripadvisor and booking.com. We also published our website, got our promotional materials printed and so on and so forth. With everyone taking their job responsibilities seriously, we didn’t leave any stones unturned.

Day 1 ticked off! A sigh of relief, phew!

Day 2 ticked off! Another sigh of relief! (A bit more comfortable, just a smidge, already). 

Yesterday was the sixtieth day. Two months, or eight weeks. We did it. Sixty days felt like six days.

Many people came and left. We can now say this. We are used to this joy.

The joy of seeing people coming in as guests and leaving as friends – what more can we ask for?

Everyone has been appreciative of the standard of our service. As everyone knew they were one of the first guests at a new place, they have left us kind words of compliments and good business tips. They wanted us to grow bigger and better, and we respect their contribution. 

Haven O’Ganga is centrally located in Lakeside. We do not compete with any other businesses here. Everyone would be doing a good job, right? We are our own biggest competition. If you have stayed with us, please share your experience with the world (we believe in word of mouth)! If you are planning to call our place a home in the future, feel free to ask us any questions you might have. 

Thank you for the first memorable sixty days. Bring more on. 

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