Our doors are now open.

Happy Dashain!
October 26, 2017

Our doors are now open.

Dear all,

Oh what a joy to share this news!

Haven O’Ganga is now fully in operation. Guess what? We have had bookings and enquiries even before we official opened our doors for general bookings. Isn’t that amazing?

The building that stands so tall and beautiful today has been through many tests of time, the worst being the shattering earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015 (measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale)! Following this, the economic blockade brought life in Nepal to almost a complete halt. Through all of this, we relentlessly kept building our dream, one more brick a day. The result now stands before you.

The construction was initially projected to be completed in a year. It took us more than two. Not withstanding the time it took, with every passing day the walls began to look bright with fresh paint. The doors and windows took form, kitchen stoves began to turn on and give us tea and snacks, and deliveries of furniture and other supplies arrived daily, finding their places in the rooms. Everyone bustled to give final touches to the building, sometimes squinting to test the precision. 

A day that really made the place brighter was when the electrician said, ‘okay, I’m done! Please turn the switches on.’ On hot, sunny days, we trialled our aircons. They are lovely! The sound of the elevators saying, ‘level 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5’ added to the excitement. Our visitors and friends took photos of the development. They asked for wifi passwords when they needed to share the photos. It was good to have wifi set up on all floors. Everyone that visited wished us success. Our new rooms can suit any traveller, with beds for solo travellers, couples and families. They looked ready to welcome our guests. 

One by one, our team grew bigger, everyone working to give their best. The website is now up and running. Check us out on facebook, twitter, instagram, google+ and googlemap. We are going to be listed on tripadvisor, booking.com, and expedia. To our great contentment, even before our planned official opening date, we piqued the interests of locals and passers by. The locals came and wished us well, admiring the new business. We think of this as long and continuous journey. The clock started ticking and we thought, ‘we now need to open our doors.’ We are open for business now. We are open for you now.

Haven O’Ganga welcomes you all. 

Come on your own, as a couple or with family. We cater for all group sizes. 

We are Haven O’Ganga. We are just a visit away. 49 Samiko Patan, Lakeside 6. 

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